Powered by PopBase's proprietary technology, "Woodland Fables" aims to improve medical literacy for children and their caregivers through a gamified, digital world and characters to improve long term health and decrease healthcare costs. Update patients with interactive content that can be updated like social media. The app is a public-health focused, subscription based, interactive education and coaching experience for children and their caretakers. Think Headspace + Sesame Street - built for a generation that is growing up on video games and social media!


< Meet Clover>

He's an adventurer who lives in a hollowed out butternut squash.


He's got a lot to do: friends to make and places to go. As a patient, Clover does have few extra tasks so that he's properly prepared for his adventures. 

But he's not stressed out about it, so you shouldn't be either. Learn about his life, and help each other out as you navigate his next adventure! 

< The Team>

A team with over 60+ years collective knowledge in AAA gaming, R&D, and TV animation. In our careers, launching  products for LucasArts, Sony Playstation and Cartoon Network to name a few. 

Hi There!

I'm Clover


It is easier to learn and retain knowledge when it's low stress and interactive - always better to "do" than to just "consume" . Use a full suite of interactive tools to see what excites, concerns, or puzzles patients and their caregivers through an anonymized and private communication channel.


Interactive and social is the default language of communication for children - PopBase lets you speak it.

< Improve Patient Compliance>

Have an update about how weather affects your condition, or a new healthcare issue that patients and their caregivers should be aware of? Create gamified updates quickly that can be scheduled to drop when needed - immediately or during specific times like Halloween or Christmas.


No developer needed , no code needed. If you can fill out a form, you can create new interactive lessons.

< Quick, Easy and Codeless>

Using its content distribution system, PopBase allows healthcare experts to educate and activate their pre-teen audiences through a high-end, interactive gaming experience.


PopBase offers a new form of patient engagement that is user controlled, trackable, updatable, and interactive.

< A New Form of Engagement>