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Community Guidelines

The following Community Rules apply to all PopBase players, and are part of the PopBase Terms of Use.

Basic Rules – PopBase allows our players enjoy content authored by a vetted community of creators. The players come from around the world to play games, listen to updates and unlock in app purchases and digital collectibles. We strive to create a community that balances the needs, safety and interests of our diverse user base.

To help achieve this goal, we put together these Rules, which apply to whatever you do on PopBase (whether playing, sending messages to creators suggestion boxes, posting your profile photos on the leaderboards, and anything else on the platform). 


Please remember to periodically review these Rules, as they will be updated from time to time.


As good members of our player community, you should report all violations to the PopBase support team.

  1. Our Guiding Principles

    • Be supportive and friendly. Support a safe environment and help us to ensure that everyone follows these Rules.

    • Be respectful.  Disagreement is never an excuse for poor behavior. We might all experience some frustration now and then, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack. It’s important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one for either our content creators, users or our players.

    • Words matter - choose them carefully. Communication on PopBase is mostly one sided. But when sharing your photo and playerID on our leaderboards and submitting messages through the suggestion box, be polite, be supportive and be aware of the fact that the other players and users are people, and have feelings. 


  1. These are the rules of conduct that everyone on PopBase must follow. Below are some specific examples. But, these are much broader than the examples below and you should stick to these Rules if you are uncertain as to whether any particular action is allowed.

  2. Harassment and cyberbullying. We do not tolerate this. Examples include comments or actions meant to:

    • Stalk, bully, intimidate, hurt, attack, abuse or humiliate someone (or something that a person may care about).  This includes using or encouraging the use of profanity through player IDs, message box texts and player photos;

    • Reveal someone’s personal information;

    • Sexualize someone or something, which would include sexual harassment and sexual bullying in any form;

    • Harass or single out anyone (or something that a person cares about) for ridicule, abuse, malicious attack, or anything similar to that;

    • Incite others to do anything listed above.

  3. Hate speech or actions. You are not allowed to engage in discriminatory speech or actions, based on any of the following:

    • Race or ethnic origin;

    • National origin;

    • Religion or religious affiliation;

    • Disability or disease;

    • Gender, gender identity or sexual orientation;

    • Age; or

    • Veteran status.

  4. Threats and self-harm. In the digital environment, it is hard to tell what is a joke or is serious. So, we take all threats seriously and do not allow any threats on PopBase. We also take reports of self-harm very seriously. We will report threats related to physical harm or public safety.

  5. Dangerous, unethical and illegal activities. Not only do we not allow these activities, we do not allow anyone discussing them or encouraging others to discuss (or take) such actions, including:

    • Hacking, phishing, flaming, exploits, cheating, spam, deceptive practices, scams;

    • Misleading, sexual or racy thumbnails or other images, videos or text;

    • Gambling with PopBase currency or real money;

    • Terrorism, Nazism or Neo Nazism, organized criminal or violent activity irrespective of underlying ideology, belief or motivation, gangs and gang violence;

    • Instructions for engaging in violent activities, including bomb- or weapon-making

    • Criminal activity;

    • Illegal drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription;

    • The use or sale of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by minors; and

    • Blackmail or extortion.

  6. Discrimination. We explicitly honor diversity in age, gender, gender identity or expression, culture, ethnicity, language, national origin, political beliefs, profession, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and technical ability. We will not tolerate discrimination based on any of the protected characteristics above, including participants with disabilities.

  7. Other activities. You cannot (and you cannot allow others) sell, trade or give away PopBase currency, digital goods or promo/prize codes.

  8. Consequences and Violations. The type and degree of action that we take for violations is judged on a case-by-case basis (in our sole discretion). We weigh the type of violation, whether you are a repeat offender and other factors. You should understand the following:

    • Certain minor violations will result in a warning or temporary ban.

    • More serious violations will result in a permanent ban.

    • We will actively work with law enforcement agencies throughout the world, and regularly report illegal activity, threats to others, threats of self-harm and other relevant items to them.

    • If you have multiple accounts, we reserve the right to take action against all of your accounts for any single or multiple violations.

    • The account holder is responsible for all violations that occur on that person’s account. So, never give your password to anyone else (except if you are a minor, to your legal guardian).

    • Do not discuss publicly any actions that we have taken against you or anyone else for a violation.

    • If you have questions about any action that we have taken against your account for a violation, you can contact PopBase Support.


Last Updated: August 1st, 2019

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