Coming Fall 2021


Wellness-Focused, Story Driven Education


"Woodland Fables" educates children 5-8 about staying healthy through immersive stories in an interactive digital world. Think of it like Headspace meets Sesame Street, built for a generation growing up on streaming content, video games and social media.

We design with a “story first” philosophy to make sure that kids are excited to stay updated on the fantastic adventures occurring in Woodland Fables. But as the story unfolds, we continually emphasize and reinforce our wellness theme. The story and dynamic interactions continually reinforce a gentle, but clear message about the importance of wellness and health.

It’s new way of storytelling that is more responsive than television shows or books, and more story driven than standard educational apps. Woodland Fables will be marketed as interactive wellness education for  parents, and just straightforward entertainment for kids.

Using our proprietary technology, we want to spark curiosity in kids to discover more,  without feeling like they’re forced their vegetables. We teach wellness values  through an immersive world, while using game interactions to emphasize learning loops to encourage positive habits. We want to get kids genuinely excited about the characters, so that they will want to learn what their favorite characters are learning.

Story and “learning by doing” have always been the best ways to teach, retain and apply new knowledge. With our tech -  we can be even more effective, because we can non-intrusively track engagement data, allowing us to learn from our fans directly, what’s working, what’s not...and always insure that we are deliver the best experience to keep them healthy!


A Problem Worth Solving


The Woodland Fables Thesis

Woodland Fables is a mobile app that provides an immersive, story driven, interactive experience focusing on improving health literacy for younger audiences .


Thanks to our technology the content is flexible and can be updated anytime anywhere. Today we can author an interactive experience teaching about healthy eating habits and tomorrow a pandemic explodes and we push out an entire lesson on how to respond to the new  threat.

Health Literacy is a global issue

Our children are unhealthy, and it’s getting WORSE.. 42% of the children in the US are obese, and worldwide obesity rates are on the rise. 25% of US children have a pre-existing condition and  5% of US children have not one- but MULTIPLE conditions.


Poor health has a massive impact on performance in school, on family dynamics and the long-term effects drag into adulthood.

The Language of Interactivity

When it comes to wellness - kids are an under-served market. This younger generation lives on mobile games, they breath high quality interactive media. If you want to DIRECTLY get them hooked - you have to meet them halfway. And you won’t get that with task list apps.

Right now we are failing our children because we are NOT speaking their language.