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PopBase: Digital Health

Educating and retaining GenZ customers is challenging, especially when it comes to health and safety issues.

Information needs to be personalized, interactive, and responsive to engage with younger consumers, and current enterprise solutions do not focus on scalable tools for this massive consumer audience

The PopBase App is now available on both iOS and Android!

Click the buttons below to download the version that is appropriate for your device.

Since we are still in Early Access- updates will be frequent, and we will appreciate your patience, support and feedback!

PopBase gamifies audience engagement

By creating an open channel to customers that’s fun, gamified, scalable…


...and 100% in your control!

On PopBase you can easly create:

Narrated Presentations

Q & A and Tips

Educational Collectibles

PopQuiz Tests

Digital Lessons

Customizable Environments

Medical 01.png
Medical 02.png
Medical 03.png
Medical 04.png
Medical 05.png
Medical 07.png
PC Demo.png
AR smiley.png

Web, XR, Mobile

All generated through a simple to use web portal.

Update your content anytime, anywhere - no engineering needed. 

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